Middle Ages Castles

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Middle Ages Castles.

1. Why did Kings and Lords build castles to live in during the Middle Ages?
a. To stay warm and keep the snow out
b. To protect themselves and their people when attacked
c. Because they thought they looked cool
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

2. What were the first castles made out of?
a. Wood
b. Iron
c. Stone
d. Clay bricks
e. Marble

3. Why did people stop building castles after the Middle Ages?
a. Because there were not any more wars and castles were no longer needed
b. Because they were too expensive to build in the post Middle Ages recession
c. Because there were no more kings and lords to live in them
d. Because new weapons such as cannons could easily knock down the walls
e. Because there were already enough castles and they did not need any more

4. What defensive feature was a ditch or lake filled with water around the castle?
a. The keep
b. The battlement
c. The moat
d. The curtain wall
e. The buttery

5. What was the castle keep and what was its purpose?
a. It was a wall that soldiers could walk upon and fire down arrows at their attackers
b. It was a tower where the people would retreat to as a last defense
c. It was a special tower around the gate to add protection at the gate
d. It was a wide ditch around the castle filled with water
e. It was a deep tunnel under the castle where the king kept his treasure

6. What leader built the Windsor Castle and the Tower of London?
a. King Henry VIII
b. Richard the Lionheart
c. King Arthur
d. King Edward II
e. William the Conqueror

7. What giant castle in Poland was built by the Teutonic Knights?
a. Leeds Castle
b. Malbork Castle
c. Windsor Castle
d. Chateau Gaillard
e. Spis Castle

8. What was the title of the person in charge of the affairs of the castle?
a. Steward
b. Magistrate
c. Journeyman
d. Secretary
e. Accountant

9. True or False: Often times attackers would wait outside the castle hoping to force the people inside eventually to come out when they ran out of food.

10. Which of the following was a siege engine that armies would use to attack a castle?
a. Ballista
b. Catapult
c. Battering ram
d. Siege towers
e. All of the above

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Middle Ages Castles page at /history/middle_ages_castles.php.

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