Byzantine Empire

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Byzantine Empire.

1. What empire split into two with the eastern portion becoming the Byzantine Empire?
a. Greek Empire
b. Chinese Empire
c. Persian Empire
d. Ottoman Empire
e. Roman Empire

2. What city became the capital of the Byzantine Empire?
a. Rome
b. Constantinople
c. Alexandria
d. Jerusalem
e. Babylon

3. What Byzantine emperor embraced Christianity and made it the religion of the empire?
a. Constantine
b. Augustus
c. Justinian
d. Commodus
e. Diocletian

4. How long did the Byzantine Empire remain in power after the fall of Rome and the Western Roman Empire?
a. 100 years
b. 300 years
c. 500 years
d. 1000 years
e. 2000 years

5. What was the Corpus of Civil Law?
a. A pledge that people said before the Roman court started
b. A list of people who had broken the law
c. A single book that recorded all of the Roman laws
d. A test lawyers must pass before they could practice law
e. A group of judges who decided the fate of criminals

6. What emperor brought the Byzantine Empire to its peak of power?
a. Valentinian I
b. Arcadius
c. Justinian I
d. Zeno
e. Leo III

7. What is the Hagia Sofia?
a. A castle for the emperor built by Arcadius
b. A church in Constantinople built by Justinian I
c. A statue to the Virgin Mary built by Zeno
d. A towering statue built in the honor of Constantine
e. A book that held all of the Roman laws written in one place

8. What marked the end of the Byzantine Empire?
a. The fall of the city of Rome to Odoacer
b. The start of the Renaissance in Italy
c. The death of Justinian I
d. The fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire
e. The rise of the Russian Empire

9. Who did the Byzantine Empire constantly fight with for control over the Holy Land and the eastern Mediterranean?
a. The Muslims
b. The Egyptians
c. The Romans
d. The Greeks
e. The Vikings

10. What is the name of the city of Constantinople today?
a. Ankara
b. Athens
c. Istanbul
d. Thessaloniki
e. Sofia

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Byzantine Empire page at /history/middle_ages_byzantine_empire.php.

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