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1. Where was the Reconquista fought?
a. Holy Land
b. England
c. Iberian Peninsula
d. Germany
e. Italy

2. What two religious groups fought for control during the Reconquista?
a. Jews and the Christians
b. Muslims and Jews
c. Protestants and Catholics
d. Pagans and Christians
e. Christians and the Muslims

3. What two countries make up the majority of the Iberian Peninsula today?
a. England and Ireland
b. Spain and Portugal
c. Morocco and Algeria
d. France and Germany
e. Greece and Macedonia

4. Where were the Moors from?
a. Northern Africa
b. Germany
c. Scandinavia
d. Greece
e. Mongolia

5. About how long did the Reconquista last?
a. 50 years
b. 100 years
c. 300 years
d. 500 years
e. 700 years

6. What year did the Reconquista end?
a. 711
b. 718
c. 933
d. 1215
e. 1492

7. Who were the Spanish monarchs who finally defeated the Moors and ended the Reconquista?
a. Matilda and Henry
b. Mary and Louis
c. Isabella and Ferdinand
d. Eleanor and Richard
e. Margaret and Edward

8. What was the last area of land that was conquered by the Christians to end the Reconquista?
a. Aragon
b. Castile
c. Leon
d. Granada
e. Gibraltar

9. Who captured Valencia from the Moors and is considered the national hero of Spain?
a. Alfonso II
b. El Cid
c. Ferdinand
d. Isabella
e. Fernando

10. What famous explorer did Ferdinand and Isabella authorize an expedition for in 1492?
a. Christopher Columbus
b. Marco Polo
c. Hernan Cortes
d. Ferdinand Magellan
e. Vasco da Gama

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Reconquista page at /history/middle_ages/reconquista.php.

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