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Kings and Court.

1. Which of the following is NOT true about the court of a medieval king?
a. The court was made up of the family and council of the king
b. The king usually sought advice from his court
c. The court stayed at the palace, even when the king traveled
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

2. When a king died, who was usually crowned as the new king?
a. The eldest son
b. The youngest daughter
c. The queen
d. The people elected a new king from the nobles
e. The nobles fought a joust to see who would be king

3. What was the ceremony called where a new king was crowned?
a. Carnival
b. Enthroning
c. Anointing
d. Coronation
e. Kingacrownation

4. True or False: The people always loved it when the king came to visit because he brought presents and fed them.

5. How did the king make money?
a. By pillaging other countries in war
b. By taxing his subjects
c. By charging fees to his lords and nobles
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

6. What was shield money?
a. Money the kings paid to knights for protection
b. Money lords paid to have a coat of arms
c. Money the peasants paid so the lord would protect them
d. Money used to build castles
e. Money the lords paid to kings so they would not have to fight

7. True or False: Once a person was crowned king, his subjects and nobles always remained loyal.

8. What did kings use to mark their documents and make them official?
a. Signature
b. A big X
c. Seal
d. Fingerprint
e. Nothing

9. Why was the backing of the church important to kings?
a. It said they were given the right to rule by God
b. Because kings liked to use churches as meeting places
c. Because most kings were very religious
d. Because the pope had a huge and powerful army
e. It was not important

10. What was the Witan council in Anglo-Saxon England?
a. A group of troubadours
b. A council of civic leaders who set the national interest rates
c. A group of master craftsmen
d. A council of lords who chose the king
e. A group of women who tried to influence the king

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