Kievan Rus

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Kievan Rus.

1. What peoples did the Kievan Rus originally come from?
a. Franks
b. Moors
c. Mongols
d. Vikings
e. Saxons

2. What modern day countries were originated from the Kievan Rus?
a. England and Ireland
b. Poland and Germany
c. Russia and Ukraine
d. Austria and Italy
e. Spain and Portugal

3. What city was the capital city of the Kievan Rus?
a. Kiev
b. Moscow
c. Constantinople
d. Novgorod
e. Rome

4. What ruler of the Kievan Rus converted the nation to Christianity?
a. King Rurik
b. Vladimir the Great
c. Oleg
d. Yaroslav the Wise
e. Justinian I

5. What was Yaroslav the Wise known for as king of the Kievan Rus?
a. A written code of law
b. Promoting education
c. Building a library in Kiev
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

6. What nation invaded the Kievan Rus and brought the empire to an end?
a. Franks
b. Vikings
c. Moors
d. Visigoths
e. Mongols

7. True or False: The Kievan Rus was always a very small state compared to the rest of Europe.

8. What empire did much of the laws of the Kievan Rus come from?
a. Byzantine
b. Greek
c. Egyptian
d. Spanish
e. English

9. True or False: The Kievan Rus reached their peak under the leadership of Yaroslav the Wise.

10. About how long did the Rurik Dynasty rule over the Rus people?
a. 100 years
b. 300 years
c. 500 years
d. 900 years
e. 2000 years

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Kievan Rus page at /history/middle_ages/kievan_rus.php.

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