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1. Where did the Saxons originally come from?
a. Northern Germany
b. Southern France
c. Northern Africa
d. Italy
e. Persia

2. What country did the Anglo-Saxons form from 550 to 1066?
a. France
b. Germany
c. England
d. Italy
e. Spain

3. Which Anglo-Saxon kingdom began to dominate in the 800s?
a. Northumbria
b. Wessex
c. Danelaw
d. Britain
e. Mercia

4. What peoples began to invade and settle in England in the 800s?
a. Germans
b. Dutch
c. Moors
d. Danes
e. French

5. What was a churl in Anglo-Saxon England?
a. A freeman
b. A type of weapon
c. A lord who reported to the king
d. A sport enjoyed by the nobles
e. A slave

6. What were the nobles called who owned land and reported to the king?
a. Churls
b. Earls
c. Knights
d. Dukes
e. Thanes

7. What king of Wessex defeated the Danes and established a treaty with them?
a. King Aethelred
b. Alfred the Great
c. King Aethelwulf
d. Charlemagne
e. King Henry VIII

8. After the treaty was established, what was the name of the land where the Danes lived?
a. Scotland
b. Ireland
c. Danelaw
d. England
e. Britain

9. What was the wergild in Anglo-Saxon England?
a. A siege weapon used to knock down the walls of castles
b. A game played by the nobles and thanes
c. A council of thanes that advised and elected the king
d. A fine paid by someone who injured or murdered another person
e. A lawman who enforced the laws of the king

10. What event brought the end of the Anglo-Saxon rule of England?
a. Norman Conquest
b. Black Death
c. Wars of the Roses
d. Battle of Ashdown
e. Danelaw

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Anglo-Saxons page at /history/middle_ages/anglo_saxons.php.

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