Daily Life in Mesopotamia

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Daily Life in Mesopotamia.

1. What type of jobs could people get in the cities of Ancient Mesopotamia?
a. Scribes and priests
b. Administrators or civil servants
c. Craftsmen and merchants
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

2. What first occurred that caused a major change in the daily lives of people living in Mesopotamia?
a. They were attacked by the Babylonians
b. They began to form large cities and towns
c. The Nile River began to flood bringing new crops
d. They came into contact with the Egyptians
e. They discovered fire

3. What people were at the very bottom of the social class?
a. Scribes
b. Priests
c. Merchants
d. Farmers
e. Slaves

4. What were the homes made out of that the Ancient Mesopotamians live in?
a. Wood
b. Stone
c. Mud bricks
d. Thatch
e. Animal hides

5. Where did the people often sleep to stay cool during the summer?
a. On the flat roofs of their houses
b. In the basement of their houses
c. In their air-conditioned homes
d. Under fans that ran on wind power
e. On their front porch

6. What sorts of sports did the Ancient Mesopotamians enjoy?
a. Soccer
b. Wrestling and Boxing
c. Football
d. Baseball
e. Lacrosse

7. True or False: The people of Ancient Mesopotamia had yet to invent music or musical instruments.

8. What type of materials did they use for their clothing?
a. Silk
b. Linen
c. Cotton
d. Deerskin
e. Wool

9. How did the women typically wear their hair?
a. They generally shaved their heads
b. They kept their hair covered at all times
c. In braids
d. Cut very short
e. Long and combed strait

10. True or false: Both the men and the women wore makeup.

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Daily Life in Mesopotamia page at /history/mesopotamia/daily_life_in_mesopotamia.php.

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