Babylonian Empire

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Babylonian Empire.

1. What empire came before the first Babylonian Empire in Mesopotamia?
a. Persian
b. Greek
c. Sumerian
d. Akkadian
e. Assyrian

2. Who was Hammurabi?
a. The first king of the Babylonian Empire
b. The main god worshiped in the city of Babylon
c. The king who build the famous Hanging Gardens
d. The last king of the Babylonians
e. A scribe who wrote the Code of Hammurabi

3. What was unique about the Code of Hammurabi?
a. It was very similar to Morse Code which was invented thousands of years later
b. It was the first time the laws of a major government were written down
c. It was used to pass secret messages that the Assyrians could not decipher
d. It was very short and was memorized by the priests of the day
e. It was secret and only known by the top officials of the day

4. What river was the city of Babylon located on?
a. The Nile
b. The Amazon
c. The Euphrates
d. The Tigris
e. The Yangtze

5. What areas of Babylonian life did the law of Hammurabi deal with?
a. Business transactions such as wages and the sale of slaves
b. Punishments for criminal behavior such as stealing and murder
c. Marriage and divorce
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

6. What Babylonian King conquered the Assyrians and made Babylon the ruler of the Empire in Mesopotamia again in 616 BC?
a. Hammurabi
b. Nabopolassar
c. Sargon II
d. Nebuchadnezzar II
e. Sargon the Great

7. What king ruled for 43 years and brought the Babylonian Empire back to its peak including building the famous Hanging Gardens?
a. Hammurabi
b. Nabopolassar
c. Sargon II
d. Nebuchadnezzar II
e. Sargon the Great

8. What did Nebuchadnezzar II do when he conquered the Jewish people?
a. He made them leave their homes and into slavery in Babylon for 70 years
b. He forced them to build him giant pyramids in Egypt
c. He turned them into his elite fighting force
d. He let them continue living their lives as long as they paid their taxes and obeyed the laws
e. He did not conquer the Jewish people

9. What people conquered the Babylonian Empire in 529 BC?
a. Akkadians
b. Greeks
c. Assyrians
d. Sumerians
e. Persians

10. What country is the city of Babylon located in today?
a. Turkey
b. Israel
c. Iraq
d. Saudi Arabia
e. Egypt

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Babylonian Empire page at /history/mesopotamia/babylonian_empire.php.

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