Assyrian Empire

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Assyrian Empire.

1. Where was the center of the Assyrian Empire?
a. Egypt
b. Israel
c. Northern Mesopotamia
d. Southern Mesopotamia
e. Turkey

2. What other empire did the Assyrians battle throughout much of ancient history for control of Mesopotamia and the Middle East?
a. Akkadians
b. Sumerians
c. Persians
d. Egyptians
e. Babylonians

3. Who was the first king of the Assyrians to create an empire after the Akkadian Empire fell apart?
a. Sargon II
b. Shamshi-Adad
c. Hammurabi
d. Ashurbanipal
e. Tiglath-Pileser I

4. When the Assyrian Empire was at its peak, what lands did it control?
a. Cyprus
b. Egypt
c. Mesopotamia
d. Israel
e. All of the above

5. Around what year did the last of the Assyrian Empires fall to the Babylonians?
a. 2100 BC
b. 1074 BC
c. 740 BC
d. 612 BC
e. 490 BC

6. What were the Assyrians most known for?
a. Their fearsome army and warriors
b. Their poetry
c. Their art and painting
d. Their peaceful rule of the lands they conquered
e. Inventing the first form of writing

7. What Assyrian city held a famous library of thousands of clay tablets?
a. Babylon
b. Nineveh
c. Ashur
d. Nimrud
e. Jerusalem

8. What metal did the Assyrians use to make their weapons, chariots, and tools strong?
a. Bronze
b. Gold
c. Iron
d. Steel
e. Tin

9. Who was the last great King of the Assyrians?
a. Sargon II
b. Shamshi-Adad
c. Tiglath-Pileser III
d. Sennacherib
e. Ashurbanipal

10. Who was the main god of the Assyrians?
a. Ashur
b. Nimrud
c. Shamash
d. Marduk
e. Enlil

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Assyrian Empire page at /history/mesopotamia/assyrian_empire.php.

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