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1. What are the Sumerians famous for?
a. Fighting with the Greeks
b. Forming the first human civilization
c. Conquering Ancient Egypt
d. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
e. The library at Nineveh

2. What was the basic division of government throughout the Sumer land?
a. Counties
b. Satrapies
c. City-states
d. Provinces
e. Empires

3. Which of the following is considered an important invention by the Sumerians?
a. Writing
b. Government
c. Irrigation
d. Wheeled vehicles
e. All of the above

4. What was the temple called that was located at the center of each city?
a. Ziggurat
b. Pyramid
c. Center temple
d. Crossroads
e. Nexus

5. What do we call the land called where the Sumer lived?
a. Israel
b. Egypt
c. Mediterranean
d. Mesopotamia
e. Macedonia

6. What are the Tigris and the Euphrates?
a. Gods worshiped by the Sumerians
b. The two most famous Kings of the Sumer
c. Major cities located in Mesopotamia
d. Deserts located to each side of where the Sumer originally settled
e. Major rivers that flowed through Mesopotamia

7. Which of the following was NOT a major city of the Sumerian people?
a. Eridu
b. Uruk
c. Gilgamesh
d. Sippar
e. Ur

8. How was the number 60 important to the Sumerians?
a. It was the number of gods they worshiped
b. It was the base number for their mathematics and numbering system
c. It stood for the number of major cities in the area
d. They considered the number 60 unlucky and never used it
e. They had 60 letters in their alphabet

9. True or false: The Sumerians were always peaceful and had no need of armies or walls around their cities.

10. What were their homes made of?
a. Tents made from animal hides
b. Wood
c. Stone
d. Sun-dried bricks
e. They did not have homes

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Sumerians page at /history/mesopotamia/ancient_sumer.php.

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