Ancient Mesopotamia

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Ancient Mesopotamia.

1. What is Ancient Mesopotamia sometimes called?
a. Cradle of Civilization
b. Birthplace of Democracy
c. The New World
d. The Far East
e. The Fertile Desert

2. In what current country is most of Ancient Mesopotamia located?
a. Turkey
b. Israel
c. Egypt
d. China
e. Iraq

3. What river or rivers were important to the civilizations of Mesopotamia?
a. Nile River
b. Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
c. Amazon River
d. Yellow and Yangtze Rivers
e. Mississippi and Ohio Rivers

4. What was the first human civilization formed?
a. Sumer
b. Babylonia
c. Assyria
d. Persia
e. Greek

5. What people were the first to write down and record their system of law?
a. Akkadians
b. Sumerians
c. Babylonians
d. Persians
e. Egyptians

6. What major invention of the Sumerians had a large impact of the forming of the first civilization?
a. Chariots
b. Iron
c. The sailboat
d. Writing
e. The ziggurat

7. What language was spoken by most of the people throughout the history of Ancient Mesopotamia?
a. Greek
b. Akkadian
c. Latin
d. Egyptian
e. Persian

8. Which civilization was known as a warrior society?
a. Athenians
b. Egyptians
c. Sumerians
d. Assyrians
e. Israelites

9. What form of government was first used by the Sumerians?
a. A monarchy with a king who ruled a city-state
b. Democracy with each citizen getting vote
c. An empire with an emperor ruling the entire land
d. They had no government
e. A king of the land with satraps governing different areas

10. What people put an end to the rule of the Assyrians and the Babylonians?
a. Greeks
b. Chinese
c. Persians
d. Egyptians
e. Romans

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Mesopotamia page at /history/mesopotamia/ancient_mesopotamia.php.

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