Maya Civilization - Writing and Numbers

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Maya Civilization - Writing and Numbers.

1. What are hieroglyphics?
a. Books with accordion-like pages
b. Priests who knew how to write
c. A type of writing using symbols
d. The months of the Maya calendar
e. The main calendars of the Maya

2. What other ancient civilization used hieroglyphics like the Ancient Maya?
a. Ancient Rome
b. Ancient Egypt
c. Ancient Greece
d. The Franks
e. The Inca

3. What is a codex?
a. A book with accordion-like pages
b. A symbol used in hieroglyphics
c. The head priest of the Maya
d. A Maya numbering system
e. A Maya calendar

4. What was the base number for the Maya numbering system?
a. 2
b. 7
c. 10
d. 12
e. 20

5. What symbol did the Maya use to represent the number 5?
a. Four lines with a slash across
b. A horizontal bar
c. A snake
d. Five dots
e. A clamshell

6. True or False: Every 52 years the two Maya calendars would start on the same day.

7. What festival was celebrated every 52 years by the Maya?
a. Maize Festival
b. Pyramid Festival
c. New Fire Festival
d. Snake Festival
e. Festival of the Gods

8. The Maya had three calendars including a solar calendar and a historical calendar. What was the third type of calendar?
a. Farming
b. Weather
c. Astrological
d. Religious
e. Animal

9. What year did the Maya predict that the world would come to an end?
a. 3150 BCE
b. 70 CE
c. 1000 CE
d. 2012 CE
e. 3033 CE

10. True or False: The Maya did not develop a writing or numbering system.

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