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Maya Civilization - Hero Twins Myth.

1. What were the names of the twin boys who were the father and uncle of the Hero Twins?
a. Four and Five
b. One and Seven
c. Two and Nine
d. Three and Six
e. Ten and Eight

2. What happened to the father and uncle of the Hero Twins when they failed the tests of the gods?
a. They were given another chance
b. They were returned to Earth
c. They were blinded
d. They were put to death
e. They were not allowed to play ball

3. What were the Hero Twins doing that annoyed the gods of the underworld?
a. Fighting each other
b. Disobeying their parents
c. Playing a ball game very loudly
d. Playing the drums loudly
e. Hunting animals for fun

4. Who were the gods that summoned the Hero Twins to the underworld?
a. The Lords of Death
b. The Dark Ones
c. The Kings of Darkness
d. The Undergods
e. The Sun gods

5. Who claimed to be descendents of the Hero Twins?
a. The Maya people
b. The Maya priests
c. Maya artisans
d. Maya farmers
e. The Maya rulers

6. How did the Hero Twins tell the real gods from the wooden gods?
a. They shined a light in their eyes
b. They used a mosquito to bite the gods
c. They felt to see if they were warm
d. They tried to burn them
e. They threw water on them

7. What did the gods force the Hero Twins to do after they passed all the first tests?
a. Run a race against the gods
b. Try to out jump the gods
c. Play a board game against the gods
d. Fight the gods in battle
e. Play a game of ball against the gods

8. What did the gods make the Hero Twins do after they had beaten the gods at a game of ball?
a. Swim across the ocean
b. Jump off a cliff
c. Fight a giant boar
d. Jump into an oven
e. They treated the twins to a victory meal

9. What did the Hero Twins do to the Lords of Death at the end of the story?
a. They turned them into the gods of the sky
b. They trapped them deep in the Underworld
c. Killed the gods and then refused to bring them back to life
d. They destroyed their homes
e. They became good friends

10. What celestial bodies did the Hero Twins become?
a. Both became stars
b. Sun and Moon
c. Mars and the Sun
d. Jupiter and Saturn
e. The both became comets

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