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Maya Civilization - Daily Life.

1. How did the Maya nobles travel from place to place?
a. They walked
b. They rode horses
c. They were carried in litters by slaves
d. They rode llamas
e. They rode in carriages pulled by slaves

2. What would a Maya farmer do after coming home from working in the fields?
a. Play a game
b. Take a bath
c. Work in the yard
d. Cook dinner for the family
e. Weave cloth for clothes

3. How did Maya men and women wear their hair?
a. Both wore their hair long
b. Men had long hair, women short hair
c. Women had long hair, men short hair
d. Both wore their hair short
e. The men shaved their heads, the women wore their hair long

4. What was the most common food of the Maya?
a. Rice
b. Wheat
c. Fish
d. Maize
e. Chicken

5. True or False: Wealthy Mayans wore tall hats and feather headdresses.

6. What food did the Maya considered a gift from the gods?
a. Rice
b. Deer
c. Squash
d. Turkey
e. Chocolate

7. What did the Maya use for money?
a. Shells
b. Bones
c. Cacao Seeds
d. Pebbles
e. Teeth

8. Why did the Maya sometimes build their homes on platforms of dirt or stone?
a. To get closer to the gods
b. To protect from floods
c. To get above snakes and bugs
d. To get a better breeze in the heat
e. To help when defending their home

9. Which of the following features did the Maya consider to be beautiful?
a. Flat foreheads
b. Big noses
c. Crossed eyes
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

10. What did the Maya use to work their fields when farming?
a. They had Iron plows
b. They used plows pulled by Oxen
c. They used plows pulled by Donkeys
d. They used stone tools by hand
e. All of the above

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