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Maya Civilization - Art.

1. What were the two main subjects of Maya art?
a. Fruit and flowers
b. Animals and trees
c. Landscapes and buildings
d. Religion and the king
e. Everyday people and the ocean

2. What material did the Maya use for their sculptures and monumental structures like pyramids?
a. Wood
b. Stone
c. Clay
d. Iron
e. Bronze

3. What was a stela?
a. A type of painting
b. A Maya book with many pages
c. A tall stone slab covered with carvings and writing
d. A type of wood carving used in the temples
e. A special headdress made with feathers

4. Which of the following was an art form practiced by the Maya?
a. Sculpture
b. Carving
c. Painting
d. Pottery
e. All of the above

5. True or False: Archeologists can learn a lot about the history of the Maya civilization from artistic scenes on pottery.

6. Although they were popular forms of art, very few carvings of this material have survived.
a. Stone
b. Wood
c. Ceramics
d. Jade
e. All of the above

7. Where did the Maya paint murals?
a. Walls of public buildings
b. Walls of their houses
c. Walls of the temples
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

8. What are codices?
a. Pottery with detailed carvings
b. Tall stone slabs covered with writing
c. Books made from long folded sheets
d. Carvings made with wood
e. Paintings made on walls

9. What material was used by Maya craftsmen to make tall headdresses for the nobles?
a. Wood
b. Feathers
c. Stone
d. Ceramics
e. Jade

10. What Maya city is often considered the artistic capital of the Maya civilization?
a. Palenque
b. El Mirador
c. Tikal
d. Caracol
e. Chichen Itza

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