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Islamic Empire - Science.

1. What do historians call the period when science and technology flourished in the Islamic Empire?
a. Bronze Age
b. Age of Discovery
c. Information Age
d. Golden Age of Islam
e. Age of Enlightenment

2. What technology arrived from China that helped science to flourish in the Islamic Empire?
a. Gunpowder
b. Paper
c. Compass
d. Kites
e. Hot air balloons

3. What mathematical term comes from the Arabic 'al-jabr'?
a. Geometry
b. Calculus
c. Combinatorics
d. Algebra
e. Trigonometry

4. True or False: The Islamic religion was against the pursuit of knowledge and science.

5. Which of the following was an area where Islamic scholars made advancements?
a. Mathematics
b. Astronomy
c. Medicine
d. Engineering
e. All of the above

6. Who wrote 'The Canon of Medicine' which became a standard textbook in medical schools for many years?
a. Al-Khwarizmi
b. Al-Nafis
c. Al-Razi
d. Ibn Sina
e. Al-Haytham

7. How was the study of astronomy used for religious purposes?
a. To tell the future
b. To determine the direction of Mecca
c. To help negotiate trade deals
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

8. True or False: Islamic doctors were required to attend medical school.

9. Many inventions of Islamic engineers had to do with storing and moving what resource?
a. Gold
b. Grain
c. Water
d. Sand
e. Diamonds

10. What language became the international language of science and learning during the Islamic Empire?
a. Greek
b. Latin
c. English
d. Arabic
e. Russian

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