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Islamic Empire - Spain.

1. What is the name of the peninsula where modern day Spain and Portugal are located?
a. Sinai Peninsula
b. Crimean Peninsula
c. Peloponnese
d. Iberian Peninsula
e. Malay Peninsula

2. In what battle did the Franks led by Charles Martel defeat the Muslims in France?
a. Battle of Hastings
b. Battle of Hattin
c. Battle of Tours
d. Battle of Castillon
e. Battle of Bosworth

3. What city became the center of culture and the Islamic government during the rule of the Umayyad Caliphate?
a. Madrid
b. Barcelona
c. Granada
d. Bilbao
e. Cordoba

4. What was the Islamic region of Spain called?
a. Al-Andalus
b. Maghreb
c. Sinai
d. Arabia
e. Syria

5. Which Islamic caliphate first took control of the Iberian Peninsula?
a. Rashidun Caliphate
b. Umayyad Caliphate
c. Abbasid Caliphate
d. Ottoman Caliphate
e. Fatimid Caliphate

6. Who were the Moors?
a. Christians from France
b. Natives of Spain
c. Muslims from North Africa
d. Vikings who invaded Spain
e. Muslims living in the Middle East

7. True or False: The city of Cordoba had paved streets, running water, and hospitals.

8. What did the Christians call the long war to take control of the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims?
a. War of the Roses
b. Hundred Year's War
c. Revolutionary War
d. Reconquista
e. Spanish Revolution

9. What year were the Islamic forces in Granada defeated removing Muslim rule from Spain?
a. 1202
b. 1350
c. 1492
d. 1519
e. 1604

10. True or False: Jews and Christians were not allowed to live in the region during Muslim rule.

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