Islamic Empire - Architecture

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Islamic Empire - Architecture.

1. Which of the following was a common element used in Islamic architecture?
a. Arch
b. Dome
c. Iwan
d. Minaret
e. All of the above

2. What was a minaret?
a. A decoration used to create domes and arches
b. A tall tower used to call Muslims to prayer
c. An arch with a horseshoe shape
d. A vaulted rectangular portal into a courtyard
e. A type of patterned design

3. What is a Muslim place of worship called?
a. Mosque
b. Church
c. Cathedral
d. Temple
e. Tabernacle

4. What type of building was the Alhambra in Spain?
a. Mosque
b. Tomb
c. Church
d. Palace
e. Marketplace

5. Which of the following was a vaulted rectangular portal that often opened into a courtyard?
a. Arch
b. Dome
c. Iwan
d. Minaret
e. All of the above

6. True or False: Words and phrases from the Quran are often written in calligraphy in Islamic art.

7. Who did the Mughal Emperor in India build the Taj Mahal for?
a. His son
b. His wife
c. His mother
d. His daughter
e. It was built as a religious shrine

8. What architectural feature was common in Islamic courtyards?
a. Statues of famous people
b. Wind towers
c. Fountains
d. Islamic buildings did not have courtyards
e. Nothing, they were always empty

9. What was 'arabesque' design?
a. Design that used fancy writing from the Quran
b. Intricate patterns of leaves and vines
c. Design of desert landscapes
d. Patterns using animals and geometric shapes
e. Anything designed in the Middle East

10. What famous Islamic building is located at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem?
a. Dome of the Rock
b. Al Haram Mosque
c. Alhambra
d. Taj Mahal
e. Green Dome

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