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Inca Empire - Science.

1. What important technology did the Inca not develop?
a. Iron
b. Writing
c. Wheel for transport
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

2. Which of the following was not a reason the Inca built an advanced network of roads?
a. For communication
b. For commoners to travel
c. For the transport of goods
d. For moving army troops

3. What was a 'chaski' in the Inca Empire?
a. A priest who worked in the temple
b. A scientist who studied the stars
c. A runner who carried messages
d. An inspector who made sure people paid their taxes
e. A person who constructed the roads

4. What material did the Inca use in making most of their roads?
a. Stone
b. Dirt
c. Gravel
d. Wood planks
e. Asphalt

5. What was a quipu?
a. A tool used to cut stone for buildings
b. A fast young man who ran the roads carrying messages
c. A tiny doll used in religious ceremonies
d. A way of communicating using a series of strings tied with knots
e. An irrigation tool used for moving water

6. True or False: The Inca used the Sun and the stars to calculate the days of their calendar.

7. What did the Inca build in order to carry fresh water into the city?
a. Water trucks
b. Underground plumbing
c. Quipus
d. Aqueducts
e. Huacas

8. Around how many miles could a message travel in a day using the Inca communications system?
a. 10 miles
b. 30 miles
c. 50 miles
d. 100 miles
e. 250 miles

9. Which of the following did the Inca use to help them with their crops?
a. Iron tools
b. Beasts of burden
c. Irrigation techniques
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

10. True or False: The Inca had a loose form of government where taxes were voluntary and people could travel freely.

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