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Inca Empire - Government.

1. What type of government was the Inca Empire?
a. Republic
b. Monarchy
c. Democracy
d. Oligarchy
e. City-states

2. What was the name of the ruler of the Inca Empire?
a. President
b. King
c. Coya
d. Sapa Inca
e. Tsar

3. What were the four geographical divisions of the Inca Empire called?
a. Suyu
b. Provinces
c. States
d. Apakuna
e. Counties

4. What were the governors over the four quarters called?
a. Coya
b. Umu
c. Rantin
d. Toko
e. Apu

5. Who watched over the people and made sure they were behaving and paying their taxes?
a. Priests
b. Generals
c. Apu
d. Inspectors
e. Viceroy

6. What small group of Inca society was made up of a number of families that were assigned land and paid taxes?
a. Suyu
b. Wamani
c. Ayllu
d. Sapa Inca
e. Apu

7. What was the mit'a?
a. The leader of the tax inspectors
b. A labor tax where each man had to work some for the government each year
c. A province made up of a tribe that had been conquered by the Inca Empire
d. The queen of the Inca Empire
e. A close relative of the Sapa Inca who became the high priest

8. True or False: There was a lot of crime in the Inca Empire because there weren't any laws or punishments for criminals.

9. Who served as the closest advisor to the Sapa Inca?
a. Inspector
b. The top general
c. Viceroy
d. Apu
e. High Priest

10. True or False: Commoners were not allowed to travel or use the roads or they would be punished.

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