How the Renaissance Began

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How the Renaissance Began.

1. What was the period of time in Europe called that happened before the Renaissance?
a. The Golden Ages
b. The Age of Glory
c. The Middle Ages
d. The Grey Years
e. The Feudal Ages

2. How was humanism different from the way most people thought before the Renaissance?
a. It thought that life could be nice
b. It said that life did not have to be all work
c. It said that humans could enjoy comforts
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

3. From what ancient civilizations did the people in Italy get the idea for humanism?
a. The Romans and Greeks
b. The Greeks and Egyptians
c. The Egyptians the Chinese
d. The Chinese and the Persians
e. The Persians and the Romans

4. How was Italy divided up during the start of the Renaissance?
a. Counties
b. Provinces
c. Kingdoms
d. Fiefs
e. City-states

5. In what wealthy and powerful Italian city did the Renaissance get its start?
a. Rome
b. Milan
c. Venice
d. Florence
e. Naples

6. What was Francesco Petrarch famous for?
a. Many famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa
b. Writing the book Devine Comedy
c. Architecting huge and beautiful cathedrals
d. Inventing the philosophy of humanism
e. Being ruler of the city of Florence at the start of the Renaissance

7. What artist is considered the first Renaissance painter?
a. Giotto
b. Da Vinci
c. Botticelli
d. Michelangelo
e. Raphael

8. What made Renaissance painting different from the previous period of art?
a. It was very abstract
b. Subjects were painted as they appeared in nature
c. Emphasis was on symbolism, not realism
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

9. Around what year did the Renaissance begin?
a. 1066
b. 1253
c. 1400
d. 1550
e. 1630

10. True or False: The Italian Renaissance stayed in Italy and never touched the rest of Europe.

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