French Revolution - Womens March

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French Revolution - Womens March.

1. What were the people who marched protesting?
a. The right to vote
b. High taxes
c. Dishonest politicians
d. The price of bread
e. Poor schools

2. In what French city did the march begin?
a. Marseille
b. Paris
c. Bordeaux
d. Lyon
e. Nice

3. Who did the marchers nickname the Baker and the Baker's Wife?
a. Pope and the Catholic Church
b. French army and navy
c. King and Queen of France
d. The nobles and the clergy
e. The two top government officials

4. Where did the marchers go to in order to protest to the king?
a. The Bastille
b. The capitol building in Paris
c. The king's home in Nice
d. The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris
e. The palace in Versailles

5. True or False: There were only women on the march because the men were all working.

6. Who was the leader of the National Guard that helped to restore peace?
a. Marquis de Lafayette
b. King Louis XVI
c. Marie Antoinette
d. Stanislas Maillard
e. Maximilien Robespierre

7. What did Lafayette do to calm the crowd and protect Queen Marie Antoinette?
a. He gave a rousing speech about loyalty
b. He knelt before the queen and kissed her hand
c. He sang a song about the beauty of the queen
d. He recited a poem about the history of France
e. He brought his sword out and threatened the crowd

8. What did the king and queen do at the end of the protest?
a. They had the protesters shot
b. They fled to the country
c. They continued to live in their palace in Versailles
d. They traveled back to Paris with the crowd
e. They ate cake

9. Around how far is the Palace of Versailles from Paris?
a. 1 mile
b. 3 miles
c. 12 miles
d. 40 miles
e. 90 miles

10. How did Marie Antoinette escape the marchers who broke into the palace?
a. By disguising herself as a maid
b. By hiding inside a large trunk
c. By killing several of them with a knife
d. By hiding under her bed
e. By running down a secret passageway

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