French Revolution - Reign of Terror

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French Revolution - Reign of Terror.

1. The Reign of Terror took place during what major historical event?
a. American Revolution
b. World War I
c. Hundred Year's War
d. French Revolution
e. Napoleonic Wars

2. What group ran the country during the Reign of Terror?
a. Second Estate
b. Committee of Public Safety
c. French Nobles
d. King Louis XVI and his advisors
e. Estates General

3. Who was the main French leader during the Reign of Terror?
a. Marquis de Lafayette
b. King Louis XVI
c. Marie Antoinette
d. Stanislas Maillard
e. Maximilien Robespierre

4. What law said that anyone suspected as an enemy of the revolution could be arrested?
a. Law of the Enemy
b. Law of the Revolution
c. Law of Suspects
d. Law of Loyalty
e. Law of Robespierre

5. True or False: Every one who was killed or imprisoned during the Reign of Terror was given a fair trial.

6. Around how many people were officially executed by the government during the Reign of Terror?
a. 79
b. 145
c. 900
d. 1540
e. 17000

7. True or False: Many revolutionaries used the Reign of Terror to have their rivals executed.

8. What happened to Robespierre after the Reign of Terror came to an end?
a. He retired to his country estate
b. He became king of France
c. He was executed
d. He wrote a book about his experience and became wealthy
e. He continued to work in the government

9. What was the guillotine?
a. A revolutionary newspaper
b. A political club
c. The official uniform of the revolutionaries
d. A device used to execute people
e. The building where the revolutionaries met

10. What was the new religion that the Committee of Public Safety created?
a. Atheism
b. Cult of the Supreme Being
c. Church of All Worlds
d. Scientology
e. Heaven's Gate

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