French Revolution - Jacobins

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French Revolution - Jacobins.

1. Who were the Jacobins during the French Revolution?
a. People that supported the king
b. Nobles and aristocrats against the revolution
c. Members of the clergy
d. Members of a radical political club
e. Leaders of the Directory

2. How did the Jacobin Club get its name?
a. From their leader Pierre Jacobin
b. From the monastery where the club met
c. From the name of a French king
d. From a French folk hero
e. From the character Jacob in the Bible

3. Who was the most powerful member of the Jacobins during the Reign of Terror?
a. Maximilien Robespierre
b. Olympe de Gouges
c. Jean-Paul Marat
d. Madame Roland
e. Napoleon

4. What did the Jacobins do to people they suspected of treason?
a. Exiled them from France
b. Issued them a fine
c. Had them executed
d. They could no longer vote
e. They could not run for government office

5. Which of the factions in the Jacobin Club was the less radical?
a. Girondists
b. Mountain
c. Cordelier
d. Democrats
e. Republicans

6. How did the Mountain faction get its name?
a. They had high ideals
b. They were all mountain climbers
c. They came from a mountainous region of France
d. Their leader was Pierre de Mountain
e. They sat along the top benches in the Assembly

7. What Jacobin was a radical journalist who was assassinated while taking a bath?
a. Louis XVI
b. Olympe de Gouges
c. Jean-Paul Marat
d. Madame Roland
e. Napoleon

8. What happened to many of the Girondists at the start of the Reign of Terror?
a. They were given raises
b. They became very powerful
c. They were executed
d. They ran the guillotines
e. They switched sides to the Mountain

9. What political club was led by Georges Danton and played a major role in the Storming of the Bastille?
a. The Mountain
b. Cordeliers
c. Girondin
d. Jacobin
e. Pantheon

10. What was the Jacobin motto?
a. Terror rules
b. Freedom from tyranny
c. France forever
d. Give me liberty or give me death
e. Live free or die

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