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Famous Native Americans.

1. What famous Native American helped to save the life of Jamestown leader John Smith?
a. Squanto
b. Sacajawea
c. Pocahontas
d. Sitting Bull
e. Pontiac

2. What was Jim Thorpe famous for?
a. Becoming the first Native American astronaut to travel to outer space
b. Being one of the greatest athletes of all time
c. Helping the Pilgrims at the Plymouth settlement survive the winter
d. Inventing the alphabet for the Cherokee language
e. Being a great war chief

3. Sacajawea was famous for helping who cross America all the way to the Pacific Ocean?
a. Christopher Columbus
b. Marco Polo
c. Ponce de Leon
d. James Cook
e. Lewis and Clark

4. What tribal nation did Geronimo lead in a fight against invaders?
a. Apache
b. Cherokee
c. Cheyenne
d. Sioux
e. Navajo

5. What was Sequoyah famous for?
a. Being a great all around athlete and excelling in many professional sports
b. Learning English while captured as a slave and then helping the Pilgrims survive a cold winter
c. Inventing the alphabet for the Cherokee language
d. Leading a great battle against General Custer
e. Translating for American explorers as they traveled through unknown territory

6. What made Squanto uniquely qualified to help the Pilgrims?
a. Because he knew more about fishing than any of the other Native Americans
b. Because he had learned English in his earlier travels to Europe
c. Because he was a good cook and new how to make turkey and stuffing
d. Because he was an expert farmer
e. Because he didn`t have anything better to do

7. What fearsome war chief led the Sauk tribes in the War of 1812?
a. Sitting Bull
b. Geronimo
c. Jim Thorpe
d. Black Hawk
e. Red Cloud

8. In what famous battle did Sitting Bull lead several tribes to victory against General Custer?
a. The Battle of Little Bighorn
b. The Battle of Gettysburg
c. The Battle of the Thames
d. The Battle of Bear Valley
e. The Battle of Sugar Point

9. What sports did Jim Thorpe excel at?
a. Baseball
b. Football
c. Basketball
d. Decathlon
e. All of the above

10. What happened to Sacajawea when she was a young girl living in a Shoshone village?
a. She became a great warrior princess fighting with a bow and arrow
b. She was captured by an enemy tribe and became a slave
c. She once killed a giant bear with her bare hands
d. She became chief of the Shoshone tribe
e. Nothing, she lived a normal life with her family

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