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1. Williamsburg was the capital of this English colony.
a. Pennsylvania
b. New York
c. Maryland
d. Virginia
e. North Carolina

2. What was the original name of Williamsburg before it became the capital?
a. Jamestown
b. Middle Plantation
c. Smithsville
d. Raleigh
e. Yorktown

3. What college was founded at Williamsburg in 1694?
a. Harvard
b. University of Virginia
c. Duke
d. Yale
e. William and Mary

4. Who was Williamsburg named after?
a. King William III
b. William Penn
c. William Bradford
d. William York
e. Bill Burg

5. What happened to Jamestown to cause the leaders to move the capital to Williamsburg?
a. It came under attack
b. It was flooded
c. It was hit by a meteor
d. It burned down
e. Destroyed by hurricane

6. True or False: You can visit Colonial Williamsburg today to see how people lived during colonial times.

7. What early event in the American Revolution took place in Williamsburg?
a. Signing of the Declaration of Independence
b. Gunpowder Incident
c. Ringing of the Liberty Bell
d. First shots of the war
e. Boston Tea Party

8. What American general prepared his army for the siege of Yorktown at Williamsburg?
a. Nathanael Green
b. Daniel Morgan
c. Henry Knox
d. Horatio Gates
e. George Washington

9. What city is the capital of the state of Virginia today?
a. Richmond
b. Raleigh
c. Jamestown
d. Williamsburg
e. Washington DC

10. What famous patriot marched to the house of the governor and demanded the return of the gunpowder?
a. George Washington
b. Samuel Adams
c. Patrick Henry
d. John Adams
e. Thomas Paine

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Williamsburg page at /history/colonial_america/williamsburg.php.

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