The Thirteen Colonies

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The Thirteen Colonies.

1. What country did the thirteen American colonies belong to prior to forming the United States?
a. Spain
b. Canada
c. England
d. Denmark
e. France

2. Which colony did James Oglethorpe form as a place for debtors to settle?
a. Georgia
b. North Carolina
c. Virginia
d. Pennsylvania
e. South Carolina

3. Connecticut and Massachusetts Bay colonies were considered part of this region.
a. Middle Colonies
b. Southern Colonies
c. New England
d. Northern Colonies
e. Canadian Colonies

4. New York and New Jersey were originally founded by these people.
a. Germans
b. French
c. Spanish
d. English
e. Dutch

5. Queen Elizabeth I established the American colonies for this reason.
a. Trade ports
b. Counter the Spanish
c. Expand the British Empire
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

6. This colony was the first permanent English colony formed in the Americas.
a. Georgia
b. North Carolina
c. Virginia
d. Pennsylvania
e. South Carolina

7. Man who founded Pennsylvania for the Quakers.
a. William Bradford
b. William Penn
c. John Smith
d. Bill Sylvania
e. James Oglethorpe

8. Who were the people who founded the Massachusetts Bay colony for religious freedom?
a. Puritans
b. Quakers
c. Catholics
d. Muslims
e. Virginians

9. What colony did Thomas Hooker found after being kicked out of Massachusetts?
a. Rhode Island
b. Vermont
c. Maryland
d. Connecticut
e. Delaware

10. Which colony was considered one of the Middle Colonies?
a. Georgia
b. South Carolina
c. New Hampshire
d. North Carolina
e. Pennsylvania

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the The Thirteen Colonies page at /history/colonial_america/thirteen_colonies.php.

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