Lost Colony of Roanoke

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Lost Colony of Roanoke.

1. What country established the Colony of Roanoke?
a. Spain
b. England
c. Portugal
d. Netherlands
e. France

2. What US state is Roanoke located in today?
a. North Carolina
b. Virginia
c. Georgia
d. California
e. New York

3. Who was the first child born in the Americas to English parents?
a. Carolina Smith
b. Pocahontas
c. Elizabeth White
d. Virginia Dare
e. John Greenville

4. What famous explorer brought the settlers from the first colony of Roanoke back to England?
a. Christopher Columbus
b. Ponce de Leon
c. James Cook
d. Henry Hudson
e. Sir Francis Drake

5. True or False: The Roanoke Colony eventually grew into a large city where thousands of colonists lived.

6. Where was the word "Croatoan" found?
a. On a piece of paper
b. Carved on a fence post
c. On the side of a house
d. Written with pebbles on the ground
e. Painted on a rock

7. Who was the leader of the second colony of Roanoke?
a. John White
b. John Smith
c. Mark Greenville
d. Sir Francis Drake
e. Virginia Dare

8. What did White find when he returned to the island in 1590?
a. A bustling colony
b. Only a few settlers
c. An abandoned village
d. Signs of a huge battle
e. A Native American tribe

9. Who was the leader of England at the time the Roanoke colony was settled?
a. Queen Victoria
b. King Henry VIII
c. King James II
d. Queen Elizabeth I
e. King George V

10. True or False: Historians know exactly what happened to the Colony of Roanoke.

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Lost Colony of Roanoke page at /history/colonial_america/lost_colony_of_roanoke.php.

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