Jamestown Settlement

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Jamestown Settlement.

1. Jamestown was the capital of this English colony.
a. North Carolina
b. New York
c. Pennsylvania
d. Georgia
e. Virginia

2. What were the local Native Americans called that lived near Jamestown?
a. Cherokee
b. Powhatan
c. Navajo
d. Sioux
e. Choctaw

3. What cash crop helped the colony to survive long term?
a. Tobacco
b. Wheat
c. Cotton
d. Oranges
e. Sugar Cane

4. Which was a ship used by the original Jamestown settlers?
a. Pinta
b. Nina
c. Susan Constant
d. Santa Maria
e. All of the above

5. Was Jamestown established before or after the Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts?
a. Before
b. After

6. What famous leader helped the colony to survive its early years?
a. Abraham Lincoln
b. George Washington
c. William Penn
d. John Smith
e. James Oglethorpe

7. How many men were part of the original settlement?
a. 3000
b. 144
c. 8
d. 650
e. None, all the settlers were women

8. Who was Jamestown named after?
a. The leader of the first expedition
b. Jesse James
c. King James I
d. LeBron James
e. None of the above

9. What Native American saved the life of Captain John Smith?
a. Squanto
b. Pocahontas
c. Chief Joseph
d. Geronimo
e. Sequoyah

10. What was the disastrous winter of 1610 called?
a. The Great Blizzard
b. Winter Wonderland
c. Snow Fury
d. Dark Winter
e. Starving Time

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Jamestown Settlement page at /history/colonial_america/jamestown_settlement.php.

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