Yom Kippur War

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Yom Kippur War.

1. What two countries attacked Israel in the Yom Kippur War?
a. Soviet Union and Iraq
b. Egypt and Syria
c. Lebanon and Syria
d. Egypt and Sudan
e. Iran and Iraq

2. Who was Anwar Sadat?
a. The leader of Syria
b. The President of Saudi Arabia
c. The Prime Minister of Israel
d. The President of Egypt
e. The King of Sudan

3. What two major superpowers were on opposite sides in the Yom Kippur War making it a major event in the Cold War?
a. Great Britain and France
b. Germany and Austria
c. China and Japan
d. India and Pakistan
e. Soviet Union and United States

4. What area of land did the Egyptians take over at the start of the war?
a. Sinai Peninsula
b. West Bank
c. Jerusalem
d. Gaza Strip
e. Golan Heights

5. Who was the Prime Minister of Israel at the time of the Yom Kippur war?
a. Golda Meir
b. David Ben-Gurion
c. Menachem Begin
d. Shimon Peres
e. Ariel Sharon

6. What did the Israelis do after the initial attack?
a. They retreated far within their borders hoping the attacks would stop
b. They asked the United Nations for help
c. They counterattacked pushing back the Egyptians and the Syrians
d. They used nuclear weapons to get the attacks to stop
e. None of the above

7. What year did the Yom Kippur war take place?
a. 1950
b. 1963
c. 1967
d. 1973
e. 1982

8. True or false: The Arab states did not mind that the United States assisted Israel during the war.

9. What area of land did the Syrians take control of when they first attacked Israel?
a. Jerusalem
b. Sinai Peninsula
c. Gaza Strip
d. West Bank
e. Golan Heights

10. What is Yom Kippur?
a. A city in Egypt
b. An Israeli holy day
c. A river in Israel
d. A Syrian leader
e. A saying meaning holy war in Hebrew

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Yom Kippur War page at /history/cold_war/yom_kippur_war.php.

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