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Glossary and Terms.

1. What is an economic system based on a free market system and private ownership?
a. Communism
b. Socialism
c. Anarchism
d. Capitalism
e. Fascism

2. Which of these countries was NOT a member of the Eastern Bloc?
a. Soviet Union
b. Poland
c. France
d. East Germany
e. Bulgaria

3. Which of these terms is closely associated with communism?
a. Marxism
b. Freedom of Speech
c. Free market
d. Capitalism
e. Privatization

4. Which description below best describes glasnost?
a. An agreement on the reduction of nuclear arms
b. An increase of openness in the Soviet government
c. A thawing between the Soviet Union and the United States
d. A race to get the first man on the Moon
e. A treaty between the communist countries of Eastern Europe

5. What does NATO stand for?
a. National Archives and Treaty Office
b. Nations Against Transportation Occupations
c. National Association and Transitional Organization
d. National Atomic Treaty Office
e. North Atlantic Treaty Organization

6. What were the two world superpowers during the Cold War?
a. France and Germany
b. Denmark and Sweden
c. Japan and China
d. Australia and Israel
e. United States and the Soviet Union

7. What is the term for a war where the two sides fight through another country, like the Vietnam War or the Korean War?
a. Red Scare
b. McCarthy
c. Proxy
d. Solidarity
e. Warsaw

8. What word best defines the term perestroika as implemented by Mikhail Gorbachev?
a. Reconstruction
b. Openness
c. Transparency
d. Crackdown
e. Marxism

9. Which country in the Space Race was the first to put a man on the Moon?
a. China
b. United States
c. Japan
d. United Kingdom
e. Soviet Union

10. What was the Warsaw Pact?
a. A type of communism first tried out in Warsaw
b. It was a non-communist trade union in Poland
c. An agreement between the Soviet Union and the United States to stop building nuclear weapons
d. An alliance between the Soviet Union and other countries in Eastern Europe
e. A secret agreement between Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan

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