Chinese Civil War

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Chinese Civil War.

1. What is another name for the Chinese Nationalist Party?
a. PRC
b. CPC
c. Kuomintang
d. Viet Cong
e. Kai-shek

2. Who was the leader of the Communist Party through most of the Chinese Civil War?
a. Zhou Enlai
b. Chiang Kai-shek
c. Zhu De
d. Moa Zedong
e. Sun Yat-sen

3. What happened when the civil war was interrupted by the invasion of Japan and World War II?
a. The Communists took over during that time
b. The two sides stopped fighting in order to fight the Japanese
c. The Nationalists took over during that time
d. The fighting between the two sides became even more intense
e. The Communists allied with the Japanese in order to defeat the Nationalists

4. About how long was the Long March?
a. Two months and 500 miles
b. Three years and 2,000 miles
c. One year and over 7,000 miles
d. Seven years and 3,000 miles
e. Six months and 1,000 miles

5. True or false: The Long March was such a success because almost all of the soldiers who started out on the march safely made it to the end.

6. What started the Chinese Civil War?
a. When Chiang Kai-shek tried to kill or imprison the communists in the government
b. When Mao Zedong tried to have Sun Yat-sen assassinated
c. When the CPC tried to declare its land as an independent country
d. When the Communists broke away from the Nationalist Party and formed an army
e. When the Communists set out on the Long March

7. Where did the Nationalists flee when the CPC gained control of mainland China?
a. Thailand
b. Vietnam
c. Hong Kong
d. Singapore
e. Taiwan

8. What year did Mao Zedong officially form the country of the People`s Republic of China?
a. 1917
b. 1929
c. 1941
d. 1949
e. 1961

9. Who was the leader of the Nationalists Party during much the Chinese Civil War?
a. Sun Yat-sen
b. Chiang Kai-shek
c. Mao Zedong
d. Zhou Enlai
e. Hua Guofeng

10. True or False: Today there is still a dispute between the People`s Republic of China on the mainland and the Republic of China on the island of Taiwan as to which is the official government of China.

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Chinese Civil War page at /history/cold_war/chinese_civil_war.php.

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