Underground Railroad

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Underground Railroad.

1. What was the Underground Railroad?
a. A railroad that ran underground like a subway
b. A secret railroad that ran from Georgia to Pennsylvania
c. A network of homes and people who helped slaves to escape to the North
d. A network of Southern spies during the Civil War
e. The name given the first submarine

2. What did the conductors of the Underground Railroad do?
a. They led the slaves along the route to freedom
b. They were like drivers for each train
c. They were owners of homes along the route
d. The conductors helped by providing food and money
e. They were in charge of the music along the way

3. What were the homes and barns where slaves stayed along the Underground Railroad called?
a. Hotels
b. Engines
c. Tracks
d. Stations
e. Bed and Breakfasts

4. What was the most common way people traveled on the Underground Railroad?
a. By train
b. By foot
c. By horse
d. By carriage
e. By boat

5. True or False: The Underground Railroad was a safe and fun way to travel.

6. Over the course of many years, around how many slaves escaped using the Underground Railroad?
a. 500
b. 1,000
c. 5,000
d. 10,000
e. 100,000

7. After the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, where did slaves have to escape to in order to be fully free from capture?
a. New York
b. Pennsylvania
c. California
d. Canada
e. They no longer had to escape because they were set free

8. What famous conductor of the Underground Railroad was a former slave who had a reward for $40,000 placed on her capture?
a. Harriet Tubman
b. Mary Todd Lincoln
c. Harriet Beecher Stowe
d. Maria Stewart
e. Sojourner Truth

9. What was the first state in the United States to abolish slavery?
a. New York
b. Connecticut
c. Pennsylvania
d. Vermont
e. Massachusetts

10. Who were abolitionists?
a. People who led the slaves along the Underground Railroad
b. People who wanted slavery to be made illegal
c. People who tried to catch escaping slaves
d. People who owned slaves on their plantations
e. Politicians who passed the Fugitive Slave Act

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Underground Railroad page at /history/civil_war/underground_railroad.php.

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