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1. What was the purpose of the Reconstruction?
a. To tax the southern states as punishment for the war
b. To help the southern states become a part of the Union again.
c. To keep the southern states from becoming powerful again
d. To rebuild the industry of the northern states
e. To build up the west as a replacement to the south

2. Which of the following was NOT part of the plan that Abraham Lincoln had for Reconstruction?
a. That only 10% of voters in a state had to agree to support the Union
b. That all states had to agree to outlaw slavery
c. That any southerner who took an oath to the Union would be given a pardon
d. That the plantation owners of the South could keep their slaves for five years
e. That the process for rejoining the Union should be easy and lenient

3. Was President Johnson easier or harder on the Southern states and President Lincoln?
a. Easier
b. Harder
c. About the same
d. He had no opinion
e. President who?

4. What were the Black Codes?
a. Laws made by Lincoln to protect former slaves.
b. Codes that black people in the South had to live by or they would lose their freedom.
c. Laws in the South that made it difficult for black people to get jobs, vote, and go to school.
d. Civil Rights laws that made it easier for former slaves to adapt to their new lives.
e. Top secret encoding methods used for messages during the Civil War.

5. Which amendment to the US Constitution outlawed slavery in all of the United States?
a. 13th
b. 14th
c. 15th
d. 19th
e. 21st

6. What did the 15th amendment to the Constitution guarantee?
a. The right for all people to be free from slavery
b. That all men and women were protected equally by the law regardless of race
c. The right to a fair trial
d. The right to free speech
e. The right for all men to vote regardless of race

7. What was the first southern state to be readmitted to the Union?
a. Georgia
b. North Carolina
c. Virginia
d. Tennessee
e. Alabama

8. What year was the last southern state finally readmitted into the Union and the United States was truly united again?
a. 1865
b. 1867
c. 1870
d. 1871
e. 1876

9. Who were carpetbaggers?
a. Southerners who moved to the North to escape the rebuilding
b. Northerners who moved to South to make money off of the Reconstruction
c. Southerners who became republicans
d. Northerners who were against the Civil War
e. Northerners who opened schools to teach black children in the South

10. True or False: When the reconstruction ended, many of the Civil Rights laws were reversed by the new state governments.

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