Thurgood Marshall

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Thurgood Marshall.

1. Where was Thurgood Marshall born?
a. Maryland
b. Alabama
c. Georgia
d. Massachusetts
e. Virginia

2. What is Thurgood Marshall most famous for?
a. The first President of South Africa
b. Founding the NAACP
c. The first African-American Supreme Court Justice
d. A scientist who discovered many uses for the peanut
e. First African-American Secretary of State

3. What career did Thurgood Marshall's parents hope he would pursue?
a. Doctor
b. Farmer
c. Teacher
d. Dentist
e. Actor

4. Where did Thurgood Marshall attend law school?
a. Yale
b. Howard University
c. Harvard
d. University of Maryland
e. Georgetown

5. Thurgood Marshall became the chief council of what civil rights group?
b. NOW
c. NRA

6. What landmark decision did Thurgood Marshall argue and win in the Supreme Court?
a. Dred Scott v. Sandford
b. Plessy v. Ferguson
c. Brown v. Board of Education
d. Miranda v. Arizona
e. U.S. v. Nixon

7. What university did Thurgood Marshall sue to allow black students to attend?
a. Yale
b. Howard University
c. Harvard
d. University of Maryland
e. Georgetown

8. What is it called when students go to different schools based on race?
a. Segregation
b. Civil Rights
c. Prohibition
d. Suffrage
e. Boycotting

9. What president nominated Thurgood Marshall for the Supreme Court?
a. John F. Kennedy
b. Richard Nixon
c. Jimmy Carter
d. Dwight Eisenhower
e. Lyndon Johnson

10. Who replaced Thurgood Marshal on the Supreme Court when he retired?
a. Sandra Day O'Connor
b. Clarence Thomas
c. John Roberts
d. Stephen Breyer
e. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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