Sojourner Truth

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Sojourner Truth.

1. Where was Sojourner Truth born?
a. Maryland
b. Alabama
c. New York
d. Massachusetts
e. Virginia

2. What was Sojourner Truth's birth name?
a. Elizabeth Dumont
b. Joan Roberts
c. Hannah Garner
d. Isabella Baumfree
e. Anna Cooper

3. What language did Sojourner Truth learn growing up?
a. English
b. Dutch
c. Spanish
d. German
e. French

4. How old was Sojourner Truth the first time she was sold and had to move away from her family?
a. Five
b. Nine
c. Twelve
d. Fourteen
e. Twenty

5. What happened to Sojourner Truth's son Peter?
a. He was sold to a slave owner in Alabama
b. He was set free along with Sojourner
c. He was shot trying to escape
d. He escaped to Canada
e. None of the above

6. What did Sojourner do to get her son back?
a. She helped him escape through the Underground Railroad
b. She did nothing because she was scared
c. She went to court and he was returned to New York
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

7. What were people called who wanted to bring about an end to slavery?
a. Prohibitionists
b. Socialists
c. Communists
d. Republicans
e. Abolitionists

8. True or False: Sojourner Truth was not allowed to marry the man she loved because her owner wanted her children as his own slaves.

9. Sojourner Truth told her story about growing up a slave to what president?
a. Andrew Johnson
b. Ulysses S. Grant
c. George Washington
d. Abraham Lincoln
e. James Buchanan

10. What war did Sojourner Truth help recruit black soldiers to fight in?
a. World War I
b. Spanish-American War
c. Civil War
d. Revolutionary War
e. King Philip's War

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