Ida B. Wells

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Ida B. Wells.

1. Where was Ida B. Wells born?
a. Massachusetts
b. Alabama
c. Mississippi
d. Maryland
e. Virginia

2. When were Ida B. Wells and her family set free from slavery?
a. After they escaped to the North through the Underground Railroad
b. After the Civil War
c. When their owner decided they could go free
d. They were never slaves
e. They were never set free

3. What job did Ida B. Wells take after her parents died from Yellow Fever?
a. Seamstress
b. Laundress
c. Cook
d. Teacher
e. Nurse

4. Where was Ida B. Wells refused her seat in the first class section?
a. On a bus
b. On a cruise ship
c. On a plane
d. On a steamship
e. On a train

5. What was the name of the newspaper Ida founded?
a. Free Speech
b. Reporter
c. Echo
d. Republican Courier
e. Enterprise

6. What is it called when a person is killed by an angry mob without a fair trial?
a. Capital punishment
b. Lynching
c. Hanging
d. Firing squad
e. Lethal Injection

7. Where did Ida move after her offices in Memphis were destroyed?
a. Chicago
b. Raleigh
c. New York
d. Atlanta
e. Boston

8. True or False: Ida B. Wells wrote articles that helped to expose lynchings throughout the country.

9. What civil right was the primary goal of the Alpha Suffrage Club?
a. The right for black people to vote
b. The rights of the disabled
c. The rights of the accused
d. The right for women to vote
e. To prevent lynchings

10. Which of the following civil rights groups did Ida B. Wells help found?
b. NOW
c. NRA

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