Zhou Dynasty

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Zhou Dynasty.

1. What Chinese dynasty came before the Zhou dynasty?
a. Tang
b. Shang
c. Han
d. Ming
e. Qin

2. What was the Mandate of Heaven?
a. A set of laws that were dictated from the gods
b. The name of a special palace built for the king
c. A concept that said rulers were given authority to rule from the gods
d. What the Ancient Chinese called their king
e. The name of a legendary dragon from Chinese mythology

3. What type of government did the Zhou use to rule China?
a. Democratic
b. Communist
c. Civil service
d. Republic
e. Feudal system

4. What two major religions were established during the Zhou rule?
a. Buddhism and Hinduism
b. Confucianism and Buddhism
c. Christianity and Taoism
d. Confucianism and Taoism
e. Islam and Hinduism

5. What important invention helped the Ancient Chinese to make strong weapons and tools?
a. Gunpowder
b. Moveable type
c. Cast iron
d. Porcelain
e. Lacquer

6. What is the last stage of the Zhou dynasty sometimes called by historians?
a. Warring States Period
b. Western Zhou
c. End of Days Period
d. Spring and Autumn Period
e. Fall and Winter Period

7. What dynasty followed the Zhou?
a. Ming
b. Qin
c. Tang
d. Xia
e. Han

8. What leader conquered the Zhou and united China becoming the first emperor?
a. Kublai Khan
b. Yellow Emperor
c. King Cheng
d. Qin Shi Huang
e. Marco Polo

9. Which came first the Eastern or the Western Zhou periods?
a. Eastern
b. Western

10. What famous book was written by military strategist Sun Tzu during this time?
a. Book of Songs
b. Attack and Conquer
c. Art of War
d. Battle of Red Cliffs
e. Kung Fu for Dummies

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Zhou Dynasty page at /history/china/zhou_dynasty.php.

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