Ancient China - Yuan Dynasty

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Ancient China - Yuan Dynasty.

1. What foreign empire ruled China during the Yuan Dynasty?
a. India
b. Mongol
c. Persia
d. Greece
e. Japan

2. Who was the leader that established the Yuan Dynasty?
a. Marco Polo
b. Genghis Khan
c. Empress Wu
d. Kublai Khan
e. Emperor Qin

3. Who ran the government under the Yuan Dynasty?
a. Chinese officials
b. Mongol chieftains
c. Islamic scholars
d. European travelers
e. Japanese soldiers

4. What racial group was considered the highest caste under the rule of the Yuan?
a. Northern Chinese
b. Southern Song
c. Europeans
d. Indians
e. Mongols

5. True or False: The Yuan Dynasty was the longest lasting of all the Chinese dynasties.

6. Which religion were people allowed to follow during the rule of the Yuan?
a. Islam
b. Buddhism
c. Confucianism
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

7. What was Xanadu?
a. A famous Mongol queen
b. The summer capital city of the Yuan Dynasty
c. A type of fermented drink
d. A famous general in the Yuan army
e. The pet elephant of Kublai Khan

8. What dynasty took control after the fall of the Yuan Dynasty?
a. Tang Dynasty
b. Qing Dynasty
c. Ming Dynasty
d. Shang Dynasty
e. Han Dynasty

9. What is the basic unit of money in modern-day China?
a. Yuan
b. Mongol
c. Kublai
d. Dadu
e. Song

10. What parts of Chinese culture were allowed to flourish during the Yuan Dynasty?
a. Painting
b. Drama
c. Technology
d. Ceramics
e. All of the above

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