Tang Dynasty

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Tang Dynasty.

1. What Chinese dynasty preceded the Tang Dynasty?
a. Ming
b. Qin
c. Zhou
d. Song
e. Sui

2. Which statement below is sometimes used by historians to refer to the time period of the Tang Dynasty?
a. Spring and Autumn Period
b. The 10 Kingdoms
c. Golden Age of China
d. The Religious Awakening
e. Warring States Period

3. Who was the first emperor of the Tang?
a. Qin Shi Huang
b. Li Yuan
c. Yellow Emperor
d. Kublai Khan
e. Zheng He

4. Which of the following was an important Chinese invention during this time period?
a. Woodblock printing
b. Bronze
c. Iron casting
d. Kites
e. Silk

5. What did the Chinese believe would help to scare off evil spirits?
a. Mechanical clocks
b. Porcelain
c. Poetry
d. Fireworks
e. Paintings

6. Why did government officials need to learn poetry?
a. Because most of the laws were written in poetry
b. Because they used poetry for secret military codes
c. Because it was part of the civil service test
d. They did not learn poetry because it was banned
e. Because leaders were often called upon to rhyme for the peasants

7. True or False: The arts were not important during the Tang Dynasty and few people were interested in arts such as poetry and painting.

8. Which of the following was a part of the Tang government system?
a. Taxes
b. Farmers had to serve in the army
c. A code of laws
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

9. Around what period of time did the Tang rule China?
a. 200 BC to 110 BC
b. 22 BC to 210 AD
c. 340 AD to 540 AD
d. 618 AD to 907 AD
e. 1400 AD to 1790 AD

10. What was the capital city of the Tang Dynasty?
a. Chang`an
b. Beijing
c. Shanghai
d. Xanadu
e. Wuhan

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Tang Dynasty page at /history/china/tang_dynasty.php.

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