Song Dynasty

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Song Dynasty.

1. The establishment of the Song Dynasty put an end to what period in Ancient Chinese history?
a. Spring and Autumn Period
b. Warring States Period
c. Han Dynasty
d. Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period
e. Qing Dynasty

2. Who was the first emperor of the Song?
a. Emperor Taizu
b. The Yellow Emperor
c. Emperor Qin
d. Kublai Khan
e. Marco Polo

3. What two major periods make up the Song Dynasty?
a. Eastern and Western Song
b. First and Last Song
c. Northern and Southern Song
d. Early and Late Song
e. Spring and Autumn Song

4. What crop became the most important crop in China during this time?
a. Tea
b. Rice
c. Corn
d. Soy
e. Squash

5. What products did the Chinese begin to print on paper in large quantities during this time?
a. Books
b. Money
c. Playing Cards
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

6. True or False: The people of the Song were afraid of technology and made few inventions or advancements.

7. What barbarian peoples to the north conquered the Song?
a. Persians
b. Gauls
c. Celtics
d. Mongols
e. Assyrians

8. What dynasty followed the Song Dynasty?
a. Tang
b. Han
c. Ming
d. Zhou
e. Yuan

9. What were the three main inventions the Chinese made during the Song Dynasty?
a. Magnetic compass, moveable type, gunpowder
b. Silk, tea, iron casting
c. Porcelain, kites, eye-glasses
d. Telescope, lacquer, paper
e. They did not invent anything during this time

10. What was the capital city of the Song?
a. Beijing
b. Wuhan
c. Hangzhou
d. Chengdu
e. Shanghai

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Song Dynasty page at /history/china/song_dynasty.php.

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