The Silk Road

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The Silk Road.

1. Which of the following statements best describes the Silk Road?
a. A paved highway through central China used by the Ancient Chinese emperors
b. A number of trade routes that went between China and Eastern Europe
c. A short road covered with silk between the emperor`s house and his palace
d. An established trade route between India and Europe
e. The road between the silk factories and the capital of Ancient China where you could buy the silk

2. During what Ancient Chinese dynasty did the Silk Road reach its peak?
a. Song Dynasty
b. Ming Dynasty
c. Han Dynasty
d. Yuan Dynasty
e. Shang Dynasty

3. About how long was the Silk Road?
a. Almost 1 mile long
b. 150 miles long
c. 1000 miles long
d. 2000 miles long
e. Over 4000 miles long

4. True or False: Most merchants traveled the entire distance of the Silk Road, carrying their goods from one end to the other.

5. What was the most popular way to travel along the route?
a. By train
b. In a caravan of camels
c. By foot
d. Alone on a horse
e. On specially made chariots from Egypt

6. What sorts of things were traded along the Silk Road?
a. Silk
b. Spices
c. Porcelain
d. Salt
e. All of the above

7. Where did the Silk Road get its name?
a. From the silk that the Romans sold to the East
b. From the smoothness
c. From the silk that China sold to the rest of the world
d. From the silk worms that infested much of the route
e. From the silk clothing that people wore along the route to keep cool

8. What deadly disease is thought to have traveled to Europe along the Silk Road?
a. The bubonic plague
b. Polio
c. Small pox
d. Influenza
e. Malaria

9. What Ancient Chinese Dynasty significantly expanded the silk trade during their rule from 206 BC to 220 AD?
a. Tang Dynasty
b. Ming Dynasty
c. Qing Dynasty
d. Han Dynasty
e. Song Dynasty

10. What famous explorer is thought to have traveled along the Silk Road on his way to China?
a. Christopher Columbus
b. Marco Polo
c. Ferdinand Magellan
d. Vasco da Gama
e. Zheng He

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