Ancient Chinese Inventions and Technology

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Ancient Chinese Inventions and Technology.

1. What are two of the great feats of civil engineering accomplished by the engineers of Ancient China?
a. The Pyramids and the Sphinx
b. Aqueducts and the Colosseum
c. The Great Wall and the Grand Canal
d. The Taj Mahal and the Panama Canal
e. The Hagia Sophia and Angkor Wat

2. What important invention did the Ancient Chinese invent before Johannes Gutenberg did in Europe?
a. Gunpowder
b. Telescope
c. Silk material
d. Printing Press
e. Cotton gin

3. What are considered the four great inventions of the Ancient Chinese civilization?
a. Printing, silk, kites, and fireworks
b. Gunpowder, paper, printing, and the compass
c. Compass, paper, telescope, and the cotton gin
d. Wheelbarrow, boat rudder, matches, and acupuncture
e. Printing, kites, seismograph, and gunpowder

4. What did ancient Chinese chemists discover when trying to find the Elixir of Immortality?
a. Silk
b. A cure for the Black Plague
c. Paper
d. Gunpowder
e. How a compass works

5. What important ingredient was used by the Ancient Chinese to make silk?
a. The cocoons of silkworms
b. The webs of silk spiders
c. The leaves from the silk tree
d. A special silk mineral found in mines throughout China
e. The roots of the silk plant

6. What was the main use of the compass when it was first invented?
a. As a child`s game for the young emperor
b. To keep the army straight during battles
c. For city planning
d. To help when lost in the woods
e. For drawing straight lines

7. Which of the following was a use for gunpowder?
a. Fireworks
b. Guns
c. Bombs
d. Rockets
e. All of the above

8. What invention allowed the Ancient Chinese to build huge ships well before the rest of the world?
a. Silk Sails
b. Boat rudder
c. Waterproof Lacquer
d. Compass
e. Iron casting

9. What invention did the Chinese keep secret from the rest of the world for hundreds of years?
a. The process for making silk
b. The process for making gunpowder
c. The process for making paper
d. The process for iron casting
e. How the printing press worked

10. How were kites first used by the Ancient Chinese?
a. As a toy for young children
b. A way to celebrate at festivals
c. A way to move things to the top of the Great Wall
d. As signal warnings for the army
e. As a contest during the emperor`s games

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