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Ancient China - Grand Canal.

1. The Grand Canal connects the city of Hangzhou to what other major city of China?
a. Xian
b. Wuhan
c. Shanghai
d. Beijing
e. Nanchang

2. Grand Canal was originally built to ship what product from Southern China to the northern capital?
a. Gold
b. Grain
c. Iron
d. Coal
e. Silk

3. The Grand Canal was built during what major Chinese Dynasty?
a. Xia Dynasty
b. Shang Dynasty
c. Zhou Dynasty
d. Yuan Dynasty
e. Sui Dynasty

4. What two major rivers are connected by the Grand Canal?
a. Yellow and Yangtze
b. Tigris and Euphrates
c. Missouri and Mississippi
d. Niger and the Congo
e. Nile and the Amazon

5. True or False: The Grand Canal was only used for less than 50 years of China's history.

6. What is a canal?
a. A very wide road
b. A man-made waterway
c. A type of railroad
d. A very long bridge
e. A long and tall wall

7. Around how long is the Grand Canal?
a. 50 miles
b. 100 miles
c. 300 miles
d. 600 miles
e. Over 1000 miles

8. What dynasty rebuilt much of the Grand Canal in the 1400s?
a. Qing Dynasty
b. Song Dynasty
c. Ming Dynasty
d. Yuan Dynasty
e. Tang Dynasty

9. Who did the emperors need to feed in the northern part of China?
a. Farmers
b. Artisans
c. Gold miners
d. Soldiers
e. Ship builders

10. True or False: During the Ming Dynasty, it took around 45,000 workers to maintain the Grand Canal.

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