Geography of Ancient China

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Geography of Ancient China.

1. What geographical feature is sometimes called the cradle of Chinese civilization?
a. Himalaya Mountains
b. Pacific Ocean
c. Yellow River
d. Gobi Desert
e. Yangtze River

2. What major crop was grown in the south along the banks of the Yangtze River?
a. Corn
b. Millet
c. Wheat
d. Barley
e. Rice

3. Ancient China was surrounded by desert, mountains, and ocean. What impact did these natural borders have on the culture?
a. They helped to integrate the cultures of other world civilizations
b. They cause China to constantly be at war with other world civilizations
c. They helped China to establish trade with other civilizations
d. They isolated the Chinese civilization allowing it to develop independently
e. These geographical features had no impact

4. What major geographical feature served as the southern border of Ancient China?
a. Yellow River
b. Himalaya Mountains
c. Indian Ocean
d. Taklamakan Desert
e. Andes Mountains

5. What peoples lived in the Gobi desert to the north and raided Ancient China throughout much of its history?
a. Mongols
b. Persians
c. Egyptians
d. Assyrians
e. Greeks

6. What served as a border between southern and northern China?
a. Nile River
b. Gobi Desert
c. Yellow River
d. Yangtze River
e. South China Sea

7. What resource did the rivers provide to the early settlers of China?
a. Fish
b. Fertile Soil
c. Transportation
d. Fresh Water
e. All of the above

8. What were the two major rivers of Ancient China?
a. Nile and Amazon
b. Yangtze and Yellow
c. Mississippi and Ganges
d. Tigris and Euphrates
e. Rhine and Thames

9. True or False: Geography played an important role in the development of the civilization of Ancient China.

10. What aspect of Chinese culture was the Himalaya Mountains most associated with?
a. Family
b. Marriage
c. Religion
d. Entertainment
e. Clothing

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Geography of Ancient China page at /history/china/geography_of_ancient_china.php.

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