Ancient Chinese Clothing

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Ancient Chinese Clothing.

1. What color of clothing could only be worn by the emperor of China?
a. Blue
b. Purple
c. Red
d. Green
e. Yellow

2. What type of clothing did the poor people of Ancient China wear?
a. Dark colored robes made of silk
b. Loose fitting pants and shirts made of a rough material called hemp
c. Durable wool coveralls
d. Whatever type and color of clothes they wanted to wear
e. Breeches or dresses made from animal skins

3. The color of clothing often symbolized emotions. What emotion did the color red symbolize?
a. Happiness
b. Anger
c. Revenge
d. Sadness
e. Excitement

4. What color clothing was worn by mourners when someone died?
a. Yellow
b. Black
c. White
d. Red
e. Purple

5. True or False: The men of Ancient China never wore jewelry.

6. What type of hairstyle was common for men?
a. Shaved heads
b. A Mohawk with the head shaved on each side and hair down the middle
c. Crew cut
d. Long hair tied into a knot on top of their head
e. Parted down the middle with a pony tail on each side

7. What people brought cotton clothing with them when they conquered much of Ancient China?
a. The Tartars
b. The Mongols
c. The Romans
d. The Persians
e. The Japanese

8. What special type material did the wealthy people use to make their clothes?
a. Silk
b. Cotton
c. Hemp
d. Linen
e. Polyester

9. True or False: The Ancient Chinese had a lot of rules surrounding clothing.

10. Why did religious monks shave their heads?
a. Because they thought it was cool looking
b. Because it was more comfortable with their hooded robes
c. Because it was easier to take care of than the long hair that most people wore
d. Because short hair was considered a form of punishment and the monks wanted to show that looks didn`t matter to them
e. Because most of them were nearly bald already

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Chinese Clothing page at /history/china/clothing.php.

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