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Ancient Chinese Civil Service.

1. What was the civil service in Ancient China?
a. Another name for the army
b. An organization that ran the government for the emperor
c. A group of people that followed a specific religion such as Buddhism or Taoism
d. A guild of merchants and shopkeepers
e. An organization of entertainers and artists

2. What did a person have to do in order to become a member of the civil service?
a. Pass a number of difficult tests on a variety of subjects like math and poetry
b. Nothing, everyone who applied was hired
c. Only relatives of the emperor could join
d. They had to be a war hero in order to join
e. Positions in the civil service were purchased for great sums of money

3. True or False: Working for the civil service was considered a good job in Ancient China.

4. During what dynasty was the civil service started?
a. Ming Dynasty
b. Song Dynasty
c. Han Dynasty
d. Yuan Dynasty
e. Xia Dynasty

5. For how many years did the civil service run the government of China?
a. 100
b. 500
c. 1000
d. 2000
e. 5000

6. What was the title of the officials who achieved the highest rank in the civil service and reported directly to the Emperor?
a. Viceroy
b. Lieutenant
c. General
d. Secretary
e. Minister

7. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the civil service?
a. Members had a number of different jobs from collecting taxes, acting as judges, and enforcing laws.
b. It was okay to cheat on the exams, this showed cunning and guile.
c. Only men were allowed to take the exams.
d. People studied for years in order to pass the tests.
e. The top members of the civil service became rich and powerful.

8. The civil service exams were an attempt to create a meritocracy, what does this mean?
a. That people got their positions based on their family
b. That only the super rich would be hired and promoted
c. That people would be hired and promoted based on their abilities
d. That you had to bribe your way to the top, paying off officials in order to get a better job
e. You were voted into your position by the people

9. How many different levels or ranks were there in the Ancient Chinese civil service?
a. 5
b. 9
c. 12
d. 14
e. 21

10. True or False: The civil service caused the civilization of Ancient China to become weak, only lasting for a short time.

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient Chinese Civil Service page at /history/china/civil_service_government.php.

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