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Chinese Festivals.

1. What is another name for the Chinese New Year?
a. Night of Sevens
b. Mid-Autumn Festival
c. Moon Festival
d. Spring Festival
e. Dragon Festival

2. What was the name of the monster that the village scared off at the first Chinese New Year?
a. Dragon
b. Hydra
c. Nian
d. Sphinx
e. Gorgon

3. The Lantern Festival started with the lighting of lanterns in honor of this religious figure.
a. Buddha
b. Confucius
c. Mohammed
d. Jesus Christ
e. Lao Tzu

4. How long does the celebration for the Chinese New Year last?
a. Two days
b. Three days
c. One week
d. Fifteen days
e. One month

5. Which festival includes the traditions of sweeping the tombs of the dead, eating cold food, and flying kites?
a. Lantern Festival
b. Spring Festival
c. Moon Festival
d. Double Ninth Festival
e. Qingming Festival

6. According to legend, what event took place on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival?
a. The Moon failed to shine for five straight days
b. Ancient dragons came down from heaven to fight for the Chinese against the Mongols
c. Poet Qu Yuan committed suicide when he learned of the defeat of his country
d. A huge earthquake was caused by the fall of a great dragon
e. The first boat was invented

7. Which Chinese Festival celebrates the love of a cowhand and a maiden from heaven?
a. Double Ninth Festival
b. Night of Sevens
c. Qingming Festival
d. Winter Solstice
e. Dragon Boat Festival

8. What is the main tradition celebrated during the Moon Festival?
a. Eating moon cakes
b. Staying up all night
c. Eating cold food
d. Praying for a good husband
e. Climbing to the top of a hill

9. During which festival do people climb to the top of a hill and drink chrysanthemum tea?
a. Chinese New Year
b. Lantern Festival
c. Moon Festival
d. Double Ninth Festival
e. Night of Sevens

10. What is special about the day of the Winter Solstice Festival?
a. It is the first day of the New Year
b. It celebrates the lucky number nine
c. It is a day to celebrate love
d. It is on the seventh day of the seventh month
e. It is the shortest day of the year

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Chinese Festivals page at /history/china/chinese_festivals.php.

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