Ancient China

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Ancient China.

1. What are the famous families who ruled Ancient China called?
a. Kings and Queens
b. Royalty
c. Dynasties
d. Tsars
e. Shoguns

2. About how long did the Chinese Empire last?
a. 100 years
b. 212 years
c. 750 years
d. 1000 years
e. 2000 years

3. What were the two main forms of government during the history of Ancient China?
a. Democracy and Dictatorship
b. The Feudal System and Civil Service employees
c. Socialism and Communism
d. Theocracy and Republic
e. Communism and Democracy

4. Who was Ancient China`s main enemy that lived to the north?
a. The Mongols
b. The Persians
c. The Japanese
d. The Romans
e. The Greeks

5. What is the name of the famous book on battle strategy written by Sun Tzu?
a. Red Badge of Courage
b. Fighting for Dummies
c. The Art of War
d. Battles Lost and Won
e. War and Peace

6. What are two major rivers that flow through China?
a. The Euphrates and the Tigris
b. The Shanghai and the Shenzhen
c. The Ganges and the Beijing
d. The Yangtze and the Yellow
e. The Nile and the Amazon

7. What were the three major religions of Ancient China?
a. Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism
b. Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam
c. Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism
d. Buddhism, Islam, and Taoism
e. Confucianism, Christianity, and Hinduism

8. What were the three perfections of art?
a. Drawing, music, and dance
b. Painting, poetry, and calligraphy
c. Sculpture, painting, and writing
d. Architecture, story telling, and dance
e. Painting, writing, and dance

9. True or False: Farmers were considered the lowest class of society and were looked down upon by the people of Ancient China?

10. What was the last dynasty to rule Ancient China?
a. Yuan
b. Song
c. Ming
d. Shang
e. Qing

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Ancient China page at /history/china/ancient_china.php.

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