Battle of Yorktown

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Battle of Yorktown.

1. What made the Battle of Yorktown significant?
a. It was the first battle of the American Revolution.
b. It was the final battle of the American Civil War.
c. The British soundly defeated the Americans causing them to nearly give up on independence.
d. It was the last major battle of the American Revolutionary War.
e. It was the first time that the Spanish helped the British in the war.

2. Who was the general in charge of the British troops at Yorktown?
a. Charles Cornwallis
b. George Washington
c. Robert E. Lee
d. Nathanael Greene
e. Benedict Arnold

3. What was the date of the British surrender?
a. December 16, 1773
b. April 19, 1775
c. July 4, 1776
d. October 19, 1781
e. September 3, 1783

4. What country helped the Americans to win the battle by defeating the British Navy and preventing the arrival of reinforcements?
a. Spain
b. Denmark
c. France
d. The Netherlands
e. Germany

5. What important role did the southern Continental Army under General Nathanael Greene play in the build up to the battle of Yorktown?
a. They played no role whatsoever
b. They forced the British Army to retreat to the east coast where they ended up surrounded at Yorktown
c. They defeated the British Navy at Yorktown Harbor
d. They guarded the prisoners of war after the battle
e. They fled to Yorktown where they knew the French would help them fight

6. What happened in Britain after the army surrendered at Yorktown?
a. They began to think they may lose the war
b. They realized that the cost of fighting the war was not worth keeping control of the colonies
c. The British Prime Minister resigned from office
d. They began to think that peace was a better alternative
e. All of the above

7. True or False: General George Washington agreed to all of the British conditions of surrender.

8. How long did the battle and siege of Yorktown last?
a. One day
b. Three days
c. Twenty days
d. Two months
e. Six months

9. What French officer eventually reached the rank of Major General in the United States Army?
a. Marquis de La Fayette
b. Nathanael Greene
c. George Washington
d. Horatio Gates
e. Richard Montgomery

10. Around how many British troops surrendered at the Battle of Yorktown?
a. 300
b. 900
c. 2,000
d. 8,000
e. 22,000

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Battle of Yorktown page at /history/battle_of_yorktown.php.

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